CIRB Finds Ledcor Lied

After nearly two years on the picket line and nearly as long arguing at the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) we finally received a decision from the CIRB regarding the IBEW 213’s unfair labour practice complaints against Ledcor Technical Services (LTS).

The CIRB found that LTS violated the Canada Labour Code by refusing to recognize IBEW 213 as the bargaining agent for all employees of the certification. This decision by LTS has, in our opinion, caused irreparable harm to the IBEW 213’s bargaining potential.

“This decision by the CIRB confirms that Ledcor (LTS) rigged the process in hopes of avoiding IBEW 213,” said Assistant Business Manager Robin Nedila. “This is not a game; it’s these workers’ future. Shame on Ledcor.”

Workers in the MXU department were deliberately and strategically lied to by LTS – they were told they weren’t Union.

“Workers were reaching out to us confused about where they stood,” said Business Rep Dustin Brecht. “We have worked extremely hard over the last four-plus years to educate workers about the facts – we’re here to help but Ledcor’s plan of creating confusion and mistrust has driven a wedge in to that”

Under the decision from the CIRB, Ledcor now must publish this fact in an information circular to the employees to clarify the incorrect information it provided to employees on November 11, 2017.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our complaints regarding layoff and the continued erosion of the bargaining unit. The CIRB decision is still quite raw and we continue to process what it all means and how we intend to move forward, with further bargaining dates scheduled for September.

“We’re here to bargain a fair collective agreement to secure the future for all members in the telecommunications industry,” said Nedila.

We thank everyone for their continued support.

Read the full CIRB decision here.