IBEW Local 213 win's Common Employer Application at SPUD



Common Employer Application Win at Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery – and – Food-X


IBEW Local 213 would like to wish the warehouse workers at Food-X a huge welcome!  On March 28, 2019, SPUD CEO announced in a team meeting their intention to open a second location, but this location would not be Union and would deliver orders for Walmart.  They would also do the same type of work they did at SPUD, ie; deliver the same groceries to the same customers. 


The Members at SPUD noticed a decline in their hours as well as most of the produce being moved to the new location on Trapp Avenue. The night shift was also eliminated, causing a decline in workers.  Shop Steward, Phoebe Brant contacted Assistant Business Manager/Union Advocate, Christina Brock to see if this was violation of the Labour Relations Code.  Ms. Brock believe it was and the Union filed a Common Employer and Successorship Application at the BC Labour Relations Board. 


The hearings at the Board completed at the beginning of March in and around the time COVID-19 became a pandemic.  Warehouse workers at SPUD stepped up to the plate to ensure nutritious food was delivered to people’s homes. This group of employees went above and beyond working in close proximity to pack grocery orders.  Worker’s at Food-X did the same.  These worker’s ensured thousands of people had food to eat every day during one of the most difficult times the human race has seen.  These Members are part of the hero landscape that stepped forward when the World was retreating.  Thank you!


We are honoured and excited to represent both SPUD and Food-X.