IBEW Supports United Way

The IBEW strives to better the lives of working families and to build healthy, strong and respectful communities. This is one reason why the IBEW Canada is a long-time supporter of the United Way Centraide (UWC), an organization working to assist families in need across the country.

The demands for United Way funded programs and services are so important to supporting the most vulnerable in our communities, and these demands have skyrocketed through the COVID–19 pandemic. United Way is playing a pivotal role in responding to those in crisis and to the evolving needs that this crisis is creating.

As we look to building our vision for economic recovery from this devastating health and economic crisis, I am excited about the potential of our partnership with the UWC Movement. Through research, consultation and experience, UWCs know where the need is greatest in each community and they bring people together, including labour leaders and labour representatives on UWC Board of Directors to tap into our experience and perspectives in social change and community building. UWCs are addressing root causes of social problems, like poverty, by learning more about the factors influencing these issues so that long-term solutions can be developed and implemented.

The UWC Movement focuses on three key areas: Helping Kids Be All They Can Be; Building Strong and Healthy Communities; and Moving People from Poverty to Possibility. As you can see, these are all areas in which our organizations and members have a stake. We are looking forward to working with United Way Centraide Canada to identify ways in which we can broadly support each other in achieving our mutual goals and we hope you and your members will work with local UWCs in seeking change. It’s important that we be at the table to raise issues about, for example, the kinds of jobs we need to raise people out of poverty.

IBEW Canada proudly endorses the 2021 United Way Centraide Campaign, and we urge you and your members to support this important effort. Together, we can make a real investment in our communities, our country and our future.

For more information and ideas on how you can assist, please contact your local United Way Campaign office or visit their website at Let’s continue the good work as we enter into this year’s campaign through your gift of time, energy and money!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the First District Office. Best wishes.
In solidarity,

Tom Reid
International Vice President