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Access the IBEW's highly skilled workforce, ready to work when you need them.

Serving in construction, communications, municipal, manufacturing, utility, railroad, alarm, sound, publishing, service, food, education, entertainment and marine industries.

The IBEW represents thousands of skilled journeypersons. We support the Canadian Red Seal Program and offer continual safety training and upgrading. Signatory contractors simply call the IBEW dispatcher and specify the number of journeypersons and apprentices they require.

The IBEW Signatory Company Advantage

The IBEW's Market Recovery Program helps our signatory contractors win bids in the open market.

Market Recovery for IBEW signatory companies

IBEW members contribute a percentage of their hourly rate to sustain our Industry Advancement Fund. This investment by union membership helps our contractors to bid successfully in their market.

Marketing and Lobbying

Advertising offers year round presence in radio and print media to promote the advantages of hiring IBEW members and their employers. IBEW and contractor associations engage in government lobbying to ensure decision makers are aware of the needs and concerns of our workforce and industry.

Training and Upgrading

IBEW signatory companies have ongoing access to Apprenticeship and Trades Training programs. These programs are funded and run jointly by industry contractor associations and IBEW locals to develop a skilled workforce of a very high standard.

Apprentices are indentured to the joint training programs. This means that the programs are responsible for ensuring their apprentices are completed, not the company. This gives IBEW contractors the flexibility and the ability to work with a diversity of apprentices. It also ensures there are skilled apprentices ready for future needs.

Advantage Apprenticeships

IBEW trained workforce to meet your needs now and for the future.

Training and Apprenticeships

IBEW apprentices are among the best in the field. IBEW apprentices and signatory companies collaborate to create joint training structures in their communities and industries.

Joint training ensures that the training needs of IBEW apprentices and journeypersons are well supported. IBEW contractors hire from a pool of fully qualified IBEW apprentices and journeypersons.