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When you begin the process of joining a union you become protected by the BC Labour Code – the law that governs union members in BC. You can't be fired or disciplined for joining a union.

In BC, once 45% of a workplace's employees confidentially sign a union card, these cards are presented to the Labour Relations Board (LRB). If the LRB determines the 45% threshold has been met, there is a secret ballot vote of all employees. If a majority of workers choose to join the union, the Board will recognize the union as their official representative.

Next, you as employees participate in developing your contract proposals. Employees must approve the proposals by vote. Once a contract is negotiated, you will have a say in all issues that affect you at work through this legal collective agreement.

Efficient Issues Management

IBEW business agents take everyone step-by-step through the collective agreement so employer and employee thoroughly understand their rights and obligations.

Conflicts and issues in the workplace are resolved through a simple five stage grievance procedure, which includes a joint grievance panel with real authority. This process is easily understood by all parties and simplifies problem-solving.

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