Frequently Asked Questions

If we agreed to a voluntary recognition, is there a trial period?

Yes.  New signatory companies can contract with us for a one-year trial period.  This gives us an opportunity to build a relationship and work together.


What happens to our existing workers?

They will become members of IBEW Local 213, and we will work with them to upgrade their skills and credentials as required through training programs, our apprenticeship program and other upgrading courses.  When your business expands, you will have access to our qualified tradespeople in our membership, who can be dispatched to your job.  As members of the union they will have an initiation fee as well as regular union dues deducted from their pay.


What about wage scales, benefits, etc.?

Those are all spelled out in our collective agreement.  A Business Agent can meet with you and go over all of those details. 


How do I deal with the union on a day-to-day basis?

For certain business functions your staff will deal with various staff in the union office depending on the issue.  With regard to workers, you will be assigned a business agent – an experienced electrician who is a full-time employee of the union, who knows the ins and outs of the industry, the trade, and the assistance that the union can provide.