Lights of Hope 2020-21 Teardown

Shout out to the volunteers who gave up their sunny Saturday to help out at Saint Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver, tearing down the 2020-21 Lights of Hope display for the Saint Paul's Hospital Foundation.

From left to right: Sonny Sun, Unit 2 Chair Becky Lupton, Assistant Business Manager Mandeep Saggu, Steve Kelly, Assistant Business Manager Sandra Brynjolfson, Guneet Pathanin, Samantha Palatinus, Richard Palatinus, Assistant Business Manager Mike Logan, Georgiy Bolotov

IBEW 213 has supported Lights of Hope since the beginning, and we weren't going to be held back by a pandemic. The team this year was small in order to strictly follow construction worksite health & safety protocols -- something we're passionate about anyway!

Now we look forward to doing it all again in October, with a fully vaccinated crew.

For more information about Lights of Hope visit: