Next Gen Mission Statement

The NextGen Committee is designed to work with local union leadership and members to determine ways in which to better involve younger members in the union; raise awareness of issues specific to young workers; advocate on behalf of young workers in the local union and in the community; support the work of other local union committees providing fresh insight through a youth perspective; and promote the overall goals of the IBEW.

The NextGen Committee is our response to the need to make space for young workers in our union structure and promote, educate, and empower the next generation of electrical workers to become active IBEW members today.

The NextGen Committee, made up of IBEW members 35 years of age and younger, is designed to increase union activism through education, engagement and leadership opportunities to prepare the young workers of today with the tools they need to be leaders of tomorrow.

In Solidarity,
Mandeep Saggu
NextGen Committee Chair