Recent News

The IBEW 213 Women’s Committee is hosting a Women’s Leadership Training session at the union hall on Saturday, February 18, 2017. All women in the IBEW are welcomed and encouraged to come. Join us!
It has been 36 years since four Vancouver construction workers fell to their deaths from the 36th floor of the Bentall Centre Tower IV building.
Members Take Note:
IBEW 2038 has declared SasCal Instrument Services Inc., Team Power, JA Tech and CBM Projects as hot contractors in our jurisdiction.
Nationwide efforts by the IBEW to deepen ties with aboriginal communities in Canada have earned recognition for taking initiative to improve outreach and advancing indigenous people in the workplace.
On a chilly late-November evening, thousands of people gathered and watched as fireworks illuminated the night sky above St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver.
Members of IBEW Local 586, IBEW Local 105, UA Local 71 and SMWA Local 47 worked together to bring traffic to a standstill outside the Shaw Centre on December 8, 2016.
The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus brought together hundreds of IBEW members and guests to discuss the past, present and future of diversity in the Brotherhood.
During activities leading up to the 39th International Convention, some 400 delegates attended a meeting of the IBEW Women’s Caucus, with all genders represented.
Delegates to the 39th International Convention took action to support the IBEW general fund and to ensure the health of the Pension Benefit Fund (PBF) for “A” members.
Lonnie R. Stephenson was unanimously elected the IBEW’s 17th international president at the opening of the 39th International Convention.