Ibew Committees

Retired Members

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Just a reminder for our next meeting:

DATE: Tuesday, October 9, 2018

TIME: 10:00 a.m.

PLACE: IBEW 213 Union Hall - 1424 Broadway St. Port Coquitlam


  • Review of the Annual General Meeting held September 22
  • Planning for annual Retirees Open House
  • Planning for annual Christmas Luncheon
  • Any business arising from discussion

Please make an effort to attend and let us know how you are enjoying your retired years. We look forward to seeing you. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Jack Saran & Roland Verrier
Co-Chairs, Retired Members’ Committee

Retiree History

IBEW 213 had an active Retired Members Committee from 1981 to 1989 which stopped operating due to the poor attendance and participation.

The purpose of the committee was to carry out the spirit of the Brotherhood; to aid and assist each other as necessary; and to promote the social, economic, health and political welfare of its members. As well, it was to be consistent with the IBEW Local 213 Bylaws.We asked for support from Brothers Rick Dowling,  Mike Flynn,  Darcy Biln and the rest of the office staff to see if we would be able to rejuvenate the interest. 

It has been two years and here is what we have found that:

Some of our brothers and sisters are not in good health and they not only appreciate when we call them but also express their delight that we took time to contact them.

Some retired brothers have passed away and few 'brothers' showed up at the service.

There should be some sort of social activities where retired members could meet other members and maintain personal contacts with each other.

Some brothers want to know who to contact in case of some unwanted event or a personal need.

Some brothers are in need of an occasional help with transportation due to poor health.

These are just a few of the examples. If some of you were able to spare some time to make some phone calls to our retired members who are challenged, you would not only realize but also appreciate the need for such a committee. 

Everyone  we have talked to wants the committee working and as soon as possible. The past committee stopped operating due to lack of participation. My understanding of participation is simply that you become a member and even if you make one phone call a month to keep in touch, you are participating and contributing. We also need those brothers who can help in keeping the flame of brotherhood glowing by actively participating and contributing their time.

A caring and compassionate committee will add a great deal to our brotherhood which should feel like a one big family.

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 * The word "brothers" referred to in this letter also includes sisters.