NDP Introduces Anti-Scab Legislation

NDP Labour Critic, Alexandre Boulerice introduced an anti-scab bill that aims to ban the use of replacement workers in labour disputes. While the NDP already forced the Liberals to take an important step towards implementing anti-scab legislation in Canada, Boulerice’s bill outlines the NDP’s vision for the government to prohibit the use of replacement workers during lockouts and strikes, in the workplace or virtually.

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“For years, New Democrats have tried to ban replacement workers for good, but corporate conservatives and establishment Liberals stopped us every time,” said Boulerice. “This did not stop us in continuing to fight for workers who deserve better wages and work conditions. With the rising cost of living and a probable recession ahead of us, workers need support to fight for their livelihood. New Democrats will always fight for workers.”

The reality is that scabs prolong strikes and lockouts and give the employer little incentive to reach a fair deal - and for years both Liberals and Conservatives refused to ban replacement workers during labour disputes. Over the past 15 years, New Democrats introduced anti-scab bills 8 times - most recently in 2019. And when the Liberals and Conservatives finally had the opportunity to vote on an NDP anti-scab legislation in 2016, 140 Liberals MPs and 76 Conservatives MPs teamed up to block our attempt to make things better for workers. Workers deserve better.

“New Democrats will always stand on the side of workers and their families, not the ultra-rich corporations that are only interested in lining their pockets on the backs of people,” said Boulerice. “Anti-scab legislation is essential to give workers a better chance to a fairer deal when they are fighting for better work conditions. New Democrats know who's side were on. We'll always have workers’ backs.”